Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Super Hero Room from the old house

When we bought our old house we had no intention of ever moving again. We thought it would be where we raised our family and grew old together. But life has a funny way of work out otherwise. So when I started on my son's room I wanted to doing something awesome that any little boy would love. His world at the time was starting to become all things Super Hero. He loved them all and he was starting to accumulate quite a little collection.  I decided to do a Super Hero room for him. I focused mainly on Batman and Spiderman (his favorites) but I included a few others as well. I first painted a city scape on his wall in black paint and painted lit windows in yellow, as well as the Batman signal. Batman, himself, was a wall sticker I picked up at AC Moore. The comic action words I made from foam board that I free handed myself.

For his nightstand I recycled a plain pine one my grandmother had gotten at a garage sale. I painted it black and sanded the edges to give it a cooler look. I then cut up a few comic books and laid out a design and then decoupage it to the top and bottom shelf, as well as, the front of the drawer. I put on a few coats of poly to protect it. I was impressed by the out come. I plan to do his dresser the same to have a matching set.
Spiderman was the next to go up. I painted a web on his wall with painters tape and free hand. With a sharpe I gave it detail like a comic book. Spiderman was another wall decal.
I had so many other projects in store for this room but we had to moved due to a new job opportunity. But on the upside, now I have a whole new space to do. New ideas I can't wait to do!! I'll still keep it super heroes (to happy my inner geek!!).

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