Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back on Track

Its been so long since I started this blog, 4 years really. I seem to have let it slip into a forgotten shelf. Since this lapse of time, much has happened. My son is now a little man of 5 years old. I had a beautiful daughter. Who is now a busy, bouncy one year old which we have lovingly nicknamed,  on the part of my husband "Husky Tubs" or Tubs for short. For her sake, I hope it changes when she's older. We had bought a house in a quaint little village with a beautiful backyard with willow trees and a stream. It was a fixer upper, by the least, but it was going to be our dream home. We were there 2 years before my husband was offer a better job. We couldn't turn it down. We rented out our house and bought another. We have a little "hope to be" farmstead with 16 acres. I hope my children will love it here with room to roam. I'm ready for this adventure!!

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