Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Secret Hideout for a Superhero- New house, new room, new adventures

With a new house comes a new room.. Since I never got to finish his old bedroom, I decided to stick with the Super hero theme. My son still hasn't out grown his love of all things Super heroes. As a matter of fact it seem to be the his favorite topic of discussion. I painted his walls in a darker seal gray. I figured it was the best color to go with the majority of reds, blacks, and blues throughout the room. I painted the trim a high gloss white. I recycled his comic action words I had made from his old room as well as, the Spiderman spider for his window. I wanted something else for window. It seemed too bare. I cut out a city scape from poster board for the window but it looked too plain. I wanted it to seem like when he looked out the window he be right in the city. So I added another city scape out of foam board. I put a small strand of Christmas lights in between the two. At night it looks like the glow of city lights.....

I did a spider web again in his new room because it was his favorite thing about his old room.

Batman for the bottom bunk and Spiderman for the top
 This is the progress thus far. I have many plans for this room and there will be more to come....


  1. Love the paint color, the city scape window cut outs are genius, and the comic action words are super cute! Definitely going to use some of these ideas in my sons room! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where did you get the cityscape for the window