Friday, January 9, 2015

Coffee Filter Wreaths

One thing you should know about me is I love, I repeat LOVE roadside treasures. Which is just a pleasant way of saying I break for trash. My husband just knows if I come home with a smile on my face on trash day, that means there is something in the back of my car. My husband is just happy I don't drive a truck because honestly that is the only reason there isn't a mess of things in the barn. Anyways this project all started with a trip to the local box store. As any trash day morning when I am out and about, I keep an eye out for anything good out at the side of the road. I lived in an area with many old homes. As it just so happens one of those homes was replacing their windows. So as I pasted by I saw a treasure trove of old worn widows. I also noticed the garbage truck in my rearview mirror as well. Determine to beat them to the house, I immediately turn around in the neighbors drive and parked in front of the trash can. I proceed to fill my car with as many of the windows as I could as the garbage man drew ever nearer. I had to reconfigured them a few times, careful not to break any glass. I took about 8 windows in all. I said goodbye to the confused garbage man as I loaded the final window in, and drove away happy as a clam. My husband just shook his head as I unloaded my windows into the barn.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with two of the widows. They had no paint on weathered  wood. They were rustic but elegant. As much as I wanted to keep the glass in the windows, they were just too heavy. Having two children under six, I was just asking for broken glass everywhere if I keep them in. I removed the glass and clean them up. I hung them up in my dining room. As much I loved how they looked, I felt like they were missing something. I've always liked the coffee filter wreaths I've seen on pinterest. I decided that I would put one on each window. After reading quite a few blog posts on making a coffee filter wreaths, I went on making my own.

Rather than buying wreath forms, I just used two round cardboard cake boards.  I always have them on hand because I consider making cakes one of my hobbies. I used a protractor to make a circle in the middle and cut it out using an x-acto knife for a clean cut. Then I placed it on top of the other cake board. Traced that circle and cut it out to be the same size.

I dyed the coffee filters by just dipping them in water with food coloring in them. I dried them in the oven at 250 and checked on them every 5 minutes, removing the dried ones from the oven until they were all dry. I found the easiest way to make rosettes by placing the coffee filter over my hand as I formed a circle and pushing it gently down with a capped marker. Then I would pinch the middle and twisted it to form the rosette.

Then I would hot glue the end to the cardboard. Its best to do the outside and inside of the wreath before you work on the middle. The closer you place the rosettes together, the fuller and tighter your wreath with be. I found it easier to apply the glue to the twisted tip of the rosette and attach it to wreath than put the glue on the wreath its self and attach the rosette.

Once I added as many rosettes as I needed to achieve the desired look and fullness I wanted, I glued ribbon to the back of the wreath and hung it on with a tack on the window.

With an added burlap bow, I'm really enjoying my rustic chic windows.. Now what to do with my other 6 windows :)


  1. Great find! These look beautiful and easy to do. Would you mind adding your project to our blog at Would love for our readers to see your project.

  2. Excellent your idea, the result is very nice !!
    Greetings ..... Annarita

  3. Love it! The windows you found are amazingly gorgeous, and I can't believe how elegant your coffee filter wreath turned out. Excellent job!

  4. Lovely wreath!! They look so good in the windows! Thanks for sharing this over at Bewitchin' Projects Block Party. I hope you will join us again this week. I will be featuring this at the party this week!!