Monday, May 5, 2014

Bedroom Trees

It would be totally unfair for me not to give my daughter's room the same amount of attention as her brother's. After throwing around many of ideas, I decided to give her a woodland fairy theme to her bedroom.

I must have collected 40 (maybe more) or so paint samples in search for the right color. I ended up just falling in love with a soft pink color from Martha Stewart called Gloaming ( It was the perfect color, very soft and not too pink. Even my husband liked it (which says a lot).

After painting the walls, I wasn't sure what direction I should go in next for her room. I knew I need a something large. I thought a tree would be perfect. I mean what's a forest without trees. Now I had to decide whether to build one or paint it. I knew my husband wasn't going to like having a messy paper mache tree built in the basement. As much as I wanted the challenge, and I really did, I knew it wasn't going to happen. How would I even get it up the stairs. Would it ruin her carpet? So the next best thing was paint. But I didn't want a cartoony one. Some thing very pretty, simple and elegant.

First I drew out a rough sample on paper as a guide. Then I drew two trees free-hand on the wall in chalk. That way it would be easy to remove later unlike pencil. Plus it's very easy to erase anything you are unhappy with. Once I was pleased with the layout, I painted it in a white semi gloss. I paint it without painters tape because I wanted a softer more natural line. Plus I could change it if I preferred. After the first coat completely dried, I took a damp cloth and wiped away the chalk. That way I could see if it needed any touch ups. I only did 2 coats because I wanted to see the brush strokes to give it some texture so it wouldn't look like a big sticker. I painted from side to side rather than up and down to make it more natural and give it a rounded appearance. I'm very happy with the results. And as much as I wanted to build a tree, I'm glad I went with the paint. Its beautiful without over taking the room.

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