Monday, September 21, 2009

Grooven in the VW Bus

It's the newest addition to our fleet, our 1977 Volkswagen Camper Bus (with the pop-up's sweet!!) The Hubby found this beauty on craigslist recently, and we decided on a whim, I don't personally know what was going on in my head that day, to go take a look at her. After a lovely half hour drive, we finally got to take a look at her. I don't know if it was the loss of blood due to the overwhelming amount of mosquitoes or my visions of awesome road trips in matching Tye-dye. But we bought her. It took the Hubs, in this ladies driveway meanwhile, a week to get her driving. Only to have her only make it 5 miles (shooting flames out the tailpipe) before breaking down. We had to call a tow truck. But now she's safe and sound at a friend's house. We'll be taking her to a VW man. Then she get a new paint job. She's a work in progress but when she's finished I can't wait to drive her!!Irishfoxx

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